Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Would Be Fun to do with a Swim Team

Don’s wife Madeline is a musician. The article below comes from a source that teaches all kinds of things about how to get your music “out there”…as in front of other people either in the form of a hit song, a piece used in commercials or TV show or movies. Yes, there is definitely the “physical” part of writing music as well as the technical part. And then there is the even more important part – how the musician “sees” him/herself.  We think this applies to our swimmers as well.

What say you?

HOW DO YOU "SEE" YOURSELF?  An article by Chip Hardy

    There was an experiment done that has been documented and posted on many of the social networking sites that I find extremely interesting.  The experiment was facilitated by the company that produces Dove soap and products.

    The gist of the experiment was that women came in to an art studio.  Without the artist, who had been a forensic artist for the San Jose police department, ever seeing the women he sketched their pictures.  The pictures were created by responses the women gave to questions the artist asked.  Questions like "describe your hair", "describe your eyes". "Tell me about your chin", etc.  Using only the answers to those questions the artist sketched a picture of the subjects.  The subjects then left the art studio without the artist ever meeting or seeing them.

    The next part of the experiment involved another person just sitting and talking with the original subject.  Basically, just getting to know the person.  The artist was not privy to the conversation nor did he meet the second person "face to face".

    After the two people had talked the artist then asked the second subject the same series of questions he had asked the original subject and created a new sketch--from the answers he received questioning the second subject.  Same questions, same person described--just one from a personal perspective the other from an outside perspective.  The sketches should have been fairly close--wouldn't you think?

    The original subjects were then brought back to the art studio where they were shown their "self-portrait" then the sketch the second person had caused the artist to create.  The results, in most cases, were stunning.  Most of the time the pictures drawn by the responses of the second subjects were "happier", "prettier", "more open" and  "more vibrant" than the sketches created by the women's personal responses.  Why?

    We all have a tendency to be "hard on ourselves".  We look in the mirror and, instead of noticing the beautiful "Child of God", see all of what we perceive as flaws.  Our "noses are too big", "our eyes are too squinty and small", "our chins are protruding" or "our foreheads are too high".  All things that seem to be wiped away when someone else meets us and describes us!!!

    Our judgments of ourselves many times are harsh and unforgiving when it comes to our physical characteristics.  We very seldom "see the real us"!!!  Others see us for who we are--not only physically but on a different, most probably, "Spiritual" kind of level.  The old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a true one.  What we hardly ever see in ourselves is the lovely smile, or the friendly, loving eyes.  We seldom notice the jubilant, fun-loving laugh that we give others when we meet or interact with them.

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