Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Over/Under

In today's Super Bowl the Over/Under is 47.5 points. You can bet that the final score, regardless of who wins, will be more or less than 47.5.

At swim meets we wonder if an athlete ever says before the swim, "If I go a 55 I’ll be happy". And what is this business about "being happy" anyway? Kind of drives us crazy if you want to know...

Ken and I often say when the feet hit the wall in 13.5, "she is well under a minute on this swim." When the split at the 75 is 45.8 we say, "Well, she'll be under a minute. Too bad she'll be at the flags." We are brutally honest sometimes.

Or what about if you say to the team, "we are going to swim as many 100's as possible on the 1:20 (pick your interval), and when someone misses we stop. You guys tell me how many you can make before we get started." Another version of the Over/Under.

Life is full of over/unders. Pick your category and it is there. How long can you keep "it" together?

We submit that the real winners in the game of swimming and life spend very little time on the concept of over/under. Rather they are fully engaged in the process of chasing excellence whenever and wherever it presents itself.

Awards and rewards are exceptional, to be sure. Do something well enough, often enough and you will get the big reward…personal satisfaction. To our way of thinking, what is more lasting is the knowledge that you did your very best when it counted the most...if you are fortunate, having done so, positively impacted your "community".

At the very least, you sleep really well every night...and enthusiastically greet each new day.

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