Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Good Lesson

Local San Francisco politico and former Mayor Willie Brown writes a column in the Chronicle every Sunday. Last week he made a note of interest regarding Tiger Woods. Say what you will about Woods the fact remains that for several years he was untouchable on the golf course. Here is the content from Brown's column.

"Tiger Woods' return to the Masters reminded me of the advice he gave to kids when he was here (San Francisco) as part of the First Tee program.

He had the kids out on the fairway and lined up a row of balls. He hit each and every one about 250 yards, and they all landed within 5 feet of each other. "Don't hit the ball any further than you can control it," he said. "The goal in golf is to get close enough to the hole to then putt in. I could have hit every one of these balls another 125 yards, but I would have no way of knowing where it's going. So hit the ball only as far as you can control it."

Willie then wrote, "Not a bad lesson for any move you make - be it business or political." To which we add, for any workout or race you swim or coach.

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