Sunday, March 18, 2012

Empty the Tank

This is a big week for Bruce Springsteen fans. The latest album Wreaking Ball has been released and on Friday the 9th at the fabled Apollo Theater in Harlem, Bruce and the E Street Band performed a concert in honor of the 10th anniversary of Sirius Satellite Radio. The new album is loaded with specific and metaphorical images about the current social condition. This concert was the opening night of the band's new tour.

If you are a fan and have been to a concert you know the drill...all night, nonstop, no holds barred energy from one of the great performers of all time, let alone our time.

We found a link on Google we want to share. If you search for "Jon Stewart Bruce Springsteen Kennedy Center" you will find Jon's introduction of Bruce for the evening's festivities. The usual humor is there. We found the following to be particularly compelling...since we have seen Bruce live many times and since we coach - live.

To paraphrase Jon...the power of Bruce Springsteen is that whenever I see Bruce do anything he empties the tank, every time and the beautiful thing about this man is that he empties that tank for his family, he empties that tank for his art, he empties that tank for his audience and he empties that tank for his country...and we are on the receiving end of that beautiful gift and are ourselves rejuvenated if not redeemed.

We have coached many athletes. We have been privileged to have several over the last 4+ decades that know how to empty their tank.

We have coached, not often enough, emptying our tank. We resolve to do better.

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