Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kicking Set

Here is a kicking set we did the other night that went well. Many workouts look good on paper and then when we get to the pool the desired effect is not always there. This was a good one and so we share it with you.

As always, we warm up with something in the 1500-2000 range including some easy kicking in the mix. The set looks like this:
5 rounds of 1x100/2 then 2x50/1 then 4x25/.40 flat out fast

Each of the 100’s gets progressively (descending) faster. The 2 x50 start at ½ of the 100 speed with the 2nd 50 always faster than the first one. All the 25’s are full tilt boogie or as we say “burn those legs up” always with a smile on our face

You can adjust the interval to fit your needs/capabilities. This is 1500 of kicking that ends up really fast and taxing. We chose to give enough rest so they would take the bit and run with it…and they did! Except for the 25’s, the faster kickers were getting approximately a 1:1 work to rest ratio.

You could take this same set and do it pulling or swimming or a combination of all three disciplines. You could swim it IM as an option.

We finished this workout with some stroke drills and then a hypoxic loosen down. One of our mantras is to make sure the workouts are challenging yet still give the swimmer a chance to have success. This builds confidence and that is a wonderful thing for any competitor.

Got a favorite? Send it along and we will share. Have a great week at the pool!

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