Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Healing Power of Water

The following is a shared item from one of our readers. We felt strongly that some folks out there would find the information useful. While we do not personally know those at the link provided it surely sounds like an organization with the best interests of its users in mind…and we support that. If any of you tri-athletes are dealing with running injuries we are sure you will appreciate the concept of being able to continue your running without the impact.

The Healing Power of Water

There is something undeniable calming about water. The way it envelopes you, cradles you, the sounds, and even the smell, all can evoke feelings of peacefulness. It’s not all about holding hands and listening to waves crashing though, water also happens to be one of the most effective and efficient therapeutic tools that we have readily at our disposal.

Therapy pools come in all shapes and sizes, from the compact unit in your next door neighbors home gym to the giant multipurpose ones used by professional athletes, and this wide range of users is a clear testament to how beneficial and how easily accessible therapy pools really are. 
The popularity of water therapies and therapy pools is in large part due to the natural buoyancy of water. This displacement of body weight means that anything from mild stretching to high energy cardio workouts can easy be achieved without the bone jarring and often damaging impact that you would face on land during the same activity.

This is of great importance to those people coming back from a serious injury and to those people with limited mobility.

Once an injury has occurred, the chance of re-injury is a definite fear, and in most cases, rightly so. The road back from an injury can be a long one if the rehabilitation period isn’t handled correctly. Attempting too much too soon or without sufficient support can set you right back to square one while significantly increase your down time and this is where therapy pools reign supreme. Water cushions and supports your body yet still provides enough natural resistance to build and improve strength and muscle tone.

Besides the obvious road to recovery from an injury, therapy pools are utilized in many other ways as well. Diabetics can experience improved circulation, people with compromised mobility due to weight or physical disability often find movement within water less difficult and restrictive, and even patients with neurological injuries or disabilities can benefit but the soothing effects of warm water. Stroke victims, paraplegics, those with MS, or people who have suffered traumatic injuries- the list of people and circumstances that can be aided by therapy pools is near endless, as are the types of pools available for both commercial and residential uses.

In this day and age a pool no longer has to be just a pool. It can also be an economical and multi functioning asset in your ability to achieve and maintain health and wellness for the future.

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