Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Are Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

As we at Swim Coach Direct learn to grow and expand our abilities we continue to look for more effective ways to teach and learn. We have been exposed to a fascinating new book entitled “Strategic Acceleration” by Tony Jeary. We have begun reading and working with the concepts. Our initial reaction is that this may be the most influential book we have read in quite some time.

We certainly are not able today to give you a synopsis. We can say with enthusiasm that Tony’s delivery of the message has caught our attention. Today we would like to share the following excerpt: You Can Live in the Problem, or You Can Live in the Solution.

On page 20 he says, “If you choose to live in solutions, the world eagerly awaits your dreams and provides every tool and opportunity you need to turn them into reality. However, if you choose to live in problems, you will see little opportunity. This is where clarity can make such a huge difference in results. When you lack clarity about what you really want, you will find yourself being pushed toward living in problems. When you have clarity about what you really want, you will be pulled toward living in solutions. Living in solutions allows you to become more effective in all you do.”

This week at practice we had one of our swimmers talk about how “pressures” were mounting (as the school year comes to a close) and how “stress” was becoming an issue. We asked the swimmer to identify the “pressure” and “stress” in hopes that we both – swimmer and coach – would be able to specifically know what was involved. Our hope is that we can identify the solutions to the problems in such a way that we both can move forward constructively toward stated goals.

We hope this helps. We are in the business of sharing what we know; what we have experienced; improving personally and professionally as we impact those swimmers/people who have entrusted their growth to us.

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