Sunday, February 15, 2009

Swim a Faster 100 in 6 Weeks

If you wanted to improve your 100 time 2 seconds - doesn't matter which stroke - and you had six days a week to train with say 2 hours per day and the meet was in 6 weeks, how would you use the time?

Let's throw into the mix the following items (you can add in any that you feel are relevant and discard any of ours):

  • Dry land
  • Stroke technique
  • Aerobic training
  • Anaerobic training
  • Pulling
  • Kicking
  • Start work
  • Turn work
  • Nutrition
  • Visualization

Remember you have 6 days per week for 6 weeks at 2 hours per day for a total of 72 hours. Out of this resource you want a 2 second improvement, or about .03 improvement per hour of training.

We suggest you prioritize the list of items. This will require you to make decisions about what you think is more important. Is kicking more important than pulling? Is anaerobic more important than aerobic? Once you have sorted out your priorities you can begin devising your training system. And since most of us have other obligations and workouts get missed you can constantly reshuffle so you are using your time wisely as opposed to using it up.

The variables as we see it are the amount of time available to train and the goal of the training. The process is simple and fairly constant.

Any comments? Let us know how it goes for you!

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