Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Case for Exercise

Not that we need to do so here since it would be like preaching to the choir but exercise really is a good thing! At this time of year there is always talk on the street and at the office about getting in shape, rededicating ourselves to a more fit way of life. As swimmers of some sort of regular regimen we know intuitively the benefits of our sport specifically and exercise in general.

Last week while reading Tom Stienstra's column in the Sunday December 28th San Francisco Chronicle we were impressed with a couple of facts. Stienstra writes an Outdoors column every Thursday and Sunday for the paper. He is nationally acclaimed as a writer and outdoorsman. We rarely miss the read.

According to research at Stanford University you spend about four or five hours per week exercising you can get enormous benefits. From his column there are as follows:

"Live Longer: you will live 14 years longer if you hike, bike or exercise 3 times per week (and generally cut out bad habits), according to"

"Benefits at any age: Exercise results in lower rates of death from all causes, even if activities are begun in middle or late life, according to the New England Journal of Medicine."

"Feel good: If you hike, bike (or exercise), you will have half the disabilities of those who do not, according to a study at Stanford."

"Feel really good: when you hike, bike or exercise, your mind is cleansed, your conflicts are simplified and all stress is relieved, according to a study at Cornell University."

We'll, that does it for us. We are through typing for now and heading out the door, to the pool! Let us know how it goes for you. Happy New Year!

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