Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goal Setting Process - Step Three

The first two steps - taking responsibility and then identifying and eliminating obstacles - are followed by the third step, the one everyone usually wants to start with. The third step is design and create a plan to produce the results you want.

We are paraphrasing Natalie Reid here from page 102 (5 Steps to a Quantum Life). All of us have the same set of tools with which to work. That means ALL OF US! People who achieve goals in life and those who do not have the same tool kit available to them. Some use the kit; others do not.

  • Choices and Decisions

  • Thoughts and Feelings

  • Attitudes and Beliefs

Additionally, all of us get the same resources.

  • Inspiration: this is the thing you want

  • Vision: the picture of you when you have it

  • Anticipation: the expectation that it will be yours

Think about this for a moment; the only difference between you and Natalie Coughlin or Michael Phelps is how you use your tool kit and your resources to mold your world.

In examining your tool kit the two most important tools are choices and beliefs. If you change either one a domino effect takes place changing all the others. If you make the choice to become comfortable underwater on your turns you will decide to do so in practice; you will think about it more often; you will feel proud of your accomplishment; you will develop the attitude that you can always do this; and finally you will believe in yourself and your ability to do this task. Or you can begin at the other end believing in yourself; then work backwards to the choice of doing this task everyday in practice.

The resources work this way: you are inspired to do this because it will make you a faster swimmer leading to more advanced racing opportunities. You have a clear picture, a vision, of how you look and feel turning this way. Finally, there is the anticipation that this skill is yours.

As you go about your goal setting for the week, month, season, year - it matters not what the time frame is - keep in mind that we all start out in the same place with the same tools and resources available to us.

Many people look at you and wish they could be like you. Do you ever catch yourself looking at another(s) and wishing you could be like them? We are all the same in that we have opportunities in front of us daily. We have the same tools and resources.

The question that is there for the answering is: What we - coaches and swimmers alike - going to do with this spectacular opportunity?

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